10 ways to save the Earth in style



Hey you, yes you! Saving the earth suits you!

In recent years, awareness of climate change has increased dramatically. With so many ways to help our planet, some feel impractical. Since many people love fashion, here are ten practical ways to contribute to the planet in style!

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UThrift is exclusive to the University of Miami. Every Wednesday, students can donate gently used clothing and items. In return, you can choose something to take home.

Fast fashion is as bad for the environment as fast food is for your arteries – a nasty sight, but you get the idea. By donating unwanted clothes to UThrift, you’ll receive a free item and prevent old clothes from ending up in landfills.


Houses aren’t the only thing you can flip. You can also flip the seam; it just has a fancier name: upcycling. Upcycling is about getting a piece of clothing (perhaps from UThrift) that has potential and reusing it – adding it or making it new to you.

Patchwork is all the rage right now and makes upcycling easier than ever. Let’s say you saw a denim jacket at UThrift last week, but realized it had a hole in it and decided not to buy it. You can order fabric scraps and scatter them around the denim jacket for a unique and lasting look. There are no limits to what you can buy – just “flip” it!

Consignment stores

If you want to spruce up your wardrobe for brunch, check out consignment stores. Most of the items sold are in perfect and vintage condition. Regina George can say what she wants about vintage – it’s all the rage right now.

The Consignment Corner in Pinecrest has been around for over forty years and they are not just one corner; they have a website. From elegant Dolce and Gabbana tops to vintage Chanel rings, the Consignment Corner’s website has everything under the sun.

vegan leather

Vegan leather is better for the environment for many reasons, but there are two main reasons why you should consider buying a vegan tote instead of leather. First, vegan leather is better for animals because none are killed in the process. Second, vegan leather does not require large amounts of water like animal leather.

Since it’s 2022, there are plenty of options for vegan leather bags. The Vegan Warehouse offers bags in a variety of styles and brands. It’s overwhelming!

Know how to buy sustainable clothing

It’s a good sign when brands promote sustainability in their business and we need to do our best to support these brands. How can we support these brands if we have limited knowledge of sustainable clothing, you ask? By reading labels and finding out what material was used.

Organic or recycled cotton, hemp and linen are great because they don’t have as negative an impact on the environment as other materials, such as polyester. Look for the fair trade seal, it means the flattering linen top you can’t wait to wear has been produced sustainably.

Minimalism is key

While shopping until you drop sounds fun, it doesn’t excite our planet. Rather than buying tops because they look so good, buy two. We forget what we have in our closets and end up buying more than we will ever need. By constantly buying clothes, we have highlighted how consumerism is a threat to our planet – a big threat.

Vegan Makeup

For those of us waiting for Legally Blonde 3, we have at least the first two films. In the sequel, Elle Woods battled makeup products tested on animals, as the mother of her beloved chihuahua was used to test makeup. Unlike at the end of the film, animal testing is still ongoing, but there are vegan alternatives.

Vegan makeup is made from plants and uses fewer chemicals, thus releasing fewer toxins into the environment. Many makeup brands are vegan and some should be. If you’re already obsessed with their Balm Dotcom lip balm, I have an excuse for you to take the subway (we’re reducing our carbon footprint!) and head to Glossier’s pop-up store, because they’re both cruelty-free and vegan!

shampoo bar

The amount of plastic used by shampoo and conditioner bottles is quite significant. Unfortunately, not all plastic bottles are biodegradable, but there are alternatives.

Shampoo bars use little water, last a long time and use no plastic.

One-Way Procrastination is Beneficial: Laundry

It takes a lot of energy and water to do laundry. Do you know what will solve this problem? Procrastination.

While procrastination may not be the best method for success, it’s more than acceptable when doing laundry. Instead of doing small loads of laundry throughout the week, do larger loads. If there’s an outfit you’re dying to wear and it’s dirty, adjust the water level accordingly.

Ecological detergent

Many laundry detergent ingredients are harmful to the environment, such as phosphates, which can kill fish and are linked to cardiovascular disease. When using detergent, make sure you know what’s in it. it can not only be harmful to the environment, but also to you.

It may be cliché to say that it all adds up, but it really does. Even if you adopt one of these habits, you will do more than you think. Let’s treat planet Earth as if it were our runway because it is!

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