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32 heritage sites in Korea were damaged after Typhoon Hannamnor hit Monday, according to the Cultural Heritage Administration, a South Korean agency that oversees cultural heritage in the country.

Seokguram Cave and the site of Bulguksa Temple in Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang Province, are among the sites believed to have been damaged as a result of the storm, according to a report released Thursday by the korean herald.

Although it is one of the largest typhoons forecasters have recorded in South Korea’s history, it calmed down on Tuesday afternoon after heavy rains and winds without causing any destruction. major, according to New York Timare.

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Historic sites accounted for 24 of the reported damage cases. The highest number of cases where damage to cultural sites was reported, a total of 16, occurred in North Gyeongsang Province. Another 14 cases have been reported in South Gyeongsang and Gyeonggi provinces, Seoul and Jeju Island.

Part of the roof of a main hall at Bulguksa Temple, a Korean Buddhist site outside Seoul, was reportedly damaged.

The entrance to Seokguram Cave, an 8th-century monument to a Buddhist figure that is part of the Bulguksa temple complex, was also damaged. Designated Korea’s National Treasure and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the cave, as well as an administrative office located on the grounds, were affected by the storm. Public visitors are currently not permitted to access the site.

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