9 years since largest November tornado outbreak in IN



INDIANAPOLIS – November tornadoes are no stranger to central Indiana. The largest November tornado outbreak in recorded history in Indiana occurred on November 17, 2013, just 9 years ago. 30 tornadoes originated in Indiana that day.

The strongest tornado that day here in central Indiana was an EF-3 that crossed 3 counties and was on the ground for 29.2 miles.

An EF-2 tornado hit Lebanon, Indiana.

A house and a Starbucks in Lebanon were damaged by this tornado.

Is it unusual to see tornadoes in November in Indiana?

No. Is it likely? Also no. Climatologically speaking, there is only a 1% chance of a tornado occurring in Indiana and that chance decreases as the month progresses.

In Indiana, of the 70 years of recorded data, 17 years recorded at least one tornado in November. The highest months were in 2013 with 30 tornadoes, in 1992 with 15 tornadoes and 8 in 1965.

Of the 85 November tornadoes since 1950, TWO have occurred in Marion County.

An F2 in 1955 and an F3 in 1992.

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