A fisherman shot dead by a police officer during a chase in Mabini


A fisherman who allegedly fished with dynamite in the waters off the town of Mabini was shot dead by police during a water chase on Sunday afternoon.

According to Staff Sgt. Mabini Police Station Investigator Freddie Escolano said the six suspects who were aboard two motorized bancas threw dynamites at the pursuing officer, identified as Staff Sergeant. Joel Bayron.

Escalano said Bayron fired at the bancas, aiming for their engine, but instead hit the right leg of one of the fishermen identified as 38-year-old Noel Vallente.

“Kaning mga mananagat na nag dynamite peach nanibat mao iyang [Bayron] gigukod. Kamulo siyang gukod gilabayan siya og dinamita ikadaghan maajo gani wa maigo,” Escolano said.

This was however denied by the families of the fishermen who claimed that they had not provoked the police.

According to Escalano, the chase ended when Bayron ran out of fuel.

He claimed that the fishermen then mocked Bayron by circling his motionless vessel.

Members of the town’s ‘Bantay Dagat’ then arrived and continued the pursuit but the fishermen were able to escape.

“Wala na mi kahibaw aha na tong pump. Kusog kaayo ilang mga pumpboat,” Escolano said.

Escolano added that they had only received information that Vallente was confined to the Don Emilio del Valle hospital in Ubay.

Authorities then attended the hospital and placed Vallente under arrest.

Meanwhile, the other fishermen remained at large, including three who were identified by police as Jimmy Vallente, Bruc Lee Boyore and Nicko Tero, all residents of the town of Ubay.

Vallente and the rest of the suspects will be charged with raping AR 10654 or the 1998 fishing code.

They will also be the subject of a criminal complaint for resistance and disobedience to authority.

Escalano noted that illegal fishing persists in the waters off Mabini, but is mainly carried out by residents of other towns. (RT)

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