A threatened Chinese climbs a 20-meter tsunami warning tower in Pattaya

A rescuer climbs the Tsunami Tower to convince Qin Shi-Wen that no harm will befall him and descend to the ground.

A Chinese man stressed out about being threatened in a court case climbed the tsunami warning tower at Jomtien Beach and refused to come down.

Police and local businessmen tried for four hours to persuade Qin Shi-Wen, 51, to come down from his 20-meter-high perch on June 15, but the Chinese did not budge. Eventually, a rescue team came up to talk to him one-on-one. Qin then safely descended.

Qin said he climbed the tower opposite the Jomtien Night Market for fear of being threatened by defendants in a one million baht fraud case currently before the courts.

Police chief Pol. Colonel Kullachart Kullachai said the case was taken to the Pattaya police, who then passed it on to the prosecutor’s office. The case is now before the courts. Apparently, he said, one of the defendants threatened Qin to drop the case.

After 4 hours, rescuers managed to persuade Qin Shi-Wen to come down from the tsunami warning tower.

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