Additional photos of June 15 storm damage include tornado damage in West Bloomfield



These photos were submitted to the Argus by Director of Emergency Management Allen Luchini. The total damage estimate for Waushara County was not reported as Luchini worked diligently to access the damage. It was a daunting task as the storm passed through the area on June 15, leaving a path of destruction covering almost the entire county.

The storm should help us remember to heed warnings, take shelter and be prepared with flashlights, generators, water, charged cell phones, company phone numbers public services, etc. Some have been without power for hours, others for days. As the cleanup continues, homes are repaired and brush lines the roads waiting to be cleared, it is fortunate that no one has been injured. We are grateful for the warnings and grateful to Waushara County for the great work they have done and continue to do in the wake of the storm. Also neighbor helping neighbor is a countywide scene.

Waushara County Administrator Melissa Pingel compiles an easy-to-access list of emergency numbers for residents. The information when completed and compiled will be included in a brochure in the tax returns and will be available online on their website. The county in an area served by several utilities, including Alliant Energy, Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative, and WE Energies. It is also important to know that for non-emergencies, the Waushara County Sheriff’s Department can be contacted by dialing 211, so as not to block the 911 line for emergencies.

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