After Action Review on CERF Anticipatory Action for Typhoons – Philippines




The Typhoon Anticipation Pilot Framework was approved in 2021 and will be implemented in the Philippines within two years. With $7.5 million in funding from the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), the framework is designed to support 270,500 of the most vulnerable people in 44 municipalities in Regions 5 (Bicol) and 8 (Eastern Visayas) three days before the arrival of a category. -4 or 5 typhoon.
Pilot AA interventions were developed in 2021 by FAO, IOM, UNFPA, UNICEF and WFP, with OCHA supporting overall coordination. Preparatory activities were then initiated by AA partners in pilot areas such as beneficiary profiling, validation and registration; social preparedness of communities on identified interventions; and coordination with local authorities to gain support for the implementation of the AA, including building partnerships for future preparedness and response efforts.
On March 31, 2022, an After Action Review was conducted to assess the AA framework, taking into account lessons learned from preparedness and near-activation activities in 2021, and Typhoon Rai response operations. Recipient agencies and their implementing partners discussed the parameters of the framework review focusing on the forecasting model and triggers; Delivery model; Cash interventions; and cross-cutting issues. Here are the recommendations for each of the thematic discussions:

Forecast Model and Triggers

  • Revise triggers and align with new PAGASA tropical cyclone classification.

  • Evaluate the possibility of having only one-step trigger (activation trigger) with lower and upper activation thresholds.

  • Develop region/province specific triggers to consider rapid intensification of typhoons.

  • Update the data used in the model using the latest population information and related indicators.

Delivery model

  • Explore a common warehouse for UN agencies for prepositioning in-kind relief items for AA and traditional humanitarian response.

  • Review/recalibrate in-kind interventions using pre-crisis survey results.

  • Expand the geographic scope to cover additional areas in Regions 8 and areas affected by Typhoon Rai in CARAGA.

Cash interventions

  • UN agencies should redesign their program based on lessons learned from Typhoon Odette.

  • Adoption of collaborative contracts and sharing of FSP mapping information.

  • Seek advice from the CERF Secretariat on the possibility of funding readiness activities.

  • Collective approach to advocacy for donor funding to support AA preparedness activities.

Cross-cutting issues

  • Finalize advocacy package, translated into local dialects, which will include unified advocacy on AAP and PSEA (guidance pathways and key messages).

  • Provide continued investment in building the capacity of basic protection services at the community level.

  • Establish a common information hotline for service delivery in areas where there is convergence of A.A. work.

  • Establish a common repository that will store data and reports generated by agency investigations.

  • Develop terms of reference for cross-functional sub-working group to define roles/responsibilities and monitor implementation of related activities.

Go forward

To maintain the momentum of discussions and planning, the A.A. core group will undertake the following activities:

  • Resume regular bi-weekly meetings of the Core Group, including that of the sub-working groups on triggers; Cash and in kind; Cross-cutting themes; and Learning.

  • Establish stronger links with the NDRRMC Anticipatory Technical Working Group to ensure operational coordination in the pilot areas.

  • Secure agreement with PAGASA for the integration of their datasets in the modeling of AA forecasts.

  • Submission of revised AA Framework to CERF Secretariat.

  • Conducting a simulation exercise on the revised AA framework


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