AG James hit by rural silver tsunami on left coast


The mainstay of state attorney general Letitia James is a Democratic mega donor who lives 3,000 miles from New York on the left coast – and could be a fundraising force as James seeks nomination as a Democrat in the post governor in a hotly contested primary next year.

Silicon Valley psychiatrist Dr. Karla Jurvetson, 55, has become one of the nation’s biggest Democratic contributors, pumping her money into left-wing candidates and causes and has targeted James as the beneficiary of his largesse.

Jurvetson has already distributed $ 63,300 to James’ Attorney General’s campaign coffers, making her the Attorney General’s largest individual donor since 2018. The money from this campaign can be used for the governor’s contest.

“This anonymous donor may not be on the tip of anyone’s tongue here, but she will certainly help Tish put her campaign money where her mouth is important,” said a senior Democratic official from New York.

Karla Jurvetson has become one of the nation’s biggest Democratic contributors, pumping her money into left-wing candidates.
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Jurvetson started by supporting James in August 2019 with a modest contribution of $ 1,000, which grew to $ 2,600 the following month, and then to $ 10,000 in December 2020.

Her biggest donation came on March 19, 2021, when Jurvetson donated $ 49,700. She did so just over two weeks after James’ office began investigating allegations of sexual harassment against Governor Andrew Cuomo, an investigation that will lead to his resignation in August.

This donation put Jurvetson ahead of other more familiar New York donors, including real estate boss Scott Rechler who gave James $ 50,000; Public relations guru Steven Rubenstein who donated $ 45,000 and supermarket mogul John Catsimatidis who donated $ 41,000, state records show.

“We’ve always claimed that James is out of touch with the average New Yorker and I would say his biggest contributor being a West Coast psychiatrist certainly helps make that point,” said Gerard Kassar, president of the state Conservative Party. .

Karla Jurvetson (left)
Karla Jurvetson (left) donated $ 63,300 to James’ Attorney General’s campaign coffers.
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In New York, Jurvetson’s money also went to the Working Families Party, to which she donated $ 117,300 on October 4. the successful candidate for Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, who received $ 5,000; and Socialist candidate India Walton, who received $ 10,797 and lost Tuesday’s election for mayor of Buffalo.

At the federal level, she took a look at $ 33,796,890 in the 2020 election cycle, making her the ninth-largest donor in the country and the fourth-highest among Democrats, according to the Open Secrets website.

In 2020, Jurvetson poured $ 14.6 million into a super PAC supporting the presidential candidacy of Senator Elizabeth Warren. She also reportedly gave more than $ 2 million to Stacy Abrams’ group Fair Fight, which supports Democratic candidates and causes.

She paid $ 36,250 this year to beloved Leftist Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “squad” in Congress – Rashida Tlaib, Ihan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Cori Bush and Jamaal Bowman – as well as $ 13,600 since 2020 at Black Lives Matter PAC.

New York Attorney General Letitia James
Jurvetson started by supporting James in August 2019.
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“She’s one of the main funders of the team and just about every politician on Capitol Hill who wants to fund the police,” said a senior GOP official familiar with her donations.

She organized a fundraiser in 2019 for the Democratic Unity Fund where former President Obama was the main attraction and tickets cost up to $ 355,000 apiece.

Jurvetson is a member of the Emily’s List board of directors which supports pro-choice candidates. She donated $ 5.4 million to a super PAC run by the group, but the donation was reportedly made in shares of Baidu, a Chinese tech company, raising questions about an inappropriate foreign contribution. PAC claimed to have authorized the donation.

Jurvetson’s ex-husband Steve Jurvetson is a venture capitalist and technology investor who has previously backed Hotmail, Skype, SpaceX, and Tesla, among others.

She said she was motivated to invest her money in political contests – particularly focusing on female candidates – after Donald Trump was elected president, according to a profile in The Mercury News.

“Women have acquired enough economic and political power that we can translate our frustration into action. I feel like it’s our moral duty, if we don’t introduce ourselves, to support women who are brave enough to put their names on the ballot, ”she told the newspaper.

Jurvetson did not immediately return a request for comment. A message to James’ campaign was not immediately returned.

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