Allow Cebu City to distribute cash aid to Odette victims, Comelec urged



The Cebu City Government will appeal to the Election Commission (Comelec) to grant them an exemption so that they can continue to distribute the cash aid of P5,000 to the victims of Typhoon Odette during the period of countryside.

Attorney Gerardo Carillo, Chairman of the Cebu City Council for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, said on Thursday, March 31, 2022 that he would personally come to Comelec’s main office in Intramuros, Manila to file the request.

Carillo said he was informed that any cash distribution is now prohibited due to the ongoing election ban imposed by Comelec.

The Public Procurement Policy Board (GPPB) issued a resolution in December 2021 that prohibited procuring entities from publishing an award notice for projects for public works, social projects and housing-related projects.

The ban on procurement projects and activities began on March 25 and will be in effect until May 8.

The GPPB clarified in its resolution that “the election ban is not designed to cripple government operations, but to insulate public procurement from partisan political activities, usually in the form of new projects, which are designed to influence the public during the upcoming 9, 2022 National and local elections.

According to Carillo, the city council has earmarked an additional 300 million pesos for cash aid, as there are still many who could not receive the 5,000 peso cash aid from the local government unit.

The city has already distributed more or less 380 million pesos in cash aid to typhoon victims, Carillo said.

Carillo said the city has temporarily halted distribution pending Comelec’s approval of their petition.

“For the moment, we advise them to hold on until we receive a communication from Comelec. We are waiting for the newspapers which will give the green signal to proceed with the distribution,” Carillo added.

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