Andover high school students eagerly await graduation with tornado recovery underway


WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – The Class of 2022 has had its fair share of historic high school events. Between the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, sending remote learning students to masking in the classroom and now, for seniors in Andover. graduate from high school after a tornado swept through their town.

“It’s a crazy thing to finish it. I mean, we went through COVID in high school, we’ve been through this now,” Andover Central High School senior Ellie Stearns said, referring to the April 29 EF-3 tornado. “But I think we’re all going to stick together and finish strong this year.”

Andover Central senior Kellyn Rogers said the difficult experiences helped the class come together.

With that, Andover Central senior Bradyn Wheatley said the current school year was somewhat “normal” compared to the previous two years. It was the violent storm last Friday.

“The senior year was kind of normal up to this point, and then our senior class just got hit by this tornado situation. So I really think those four years have been tough for our class, but I think we all came together,” Wheatley said. “We have a stronger connection to that and just showed how we can all come together as a community.”

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