Another day submerged under the tsunami of accounts that is the Covid


Another day with so much submerged under the tsunami of accounts that is Covid.

4 p.m. today, we discover the next phase. It’s really six of one and half a dozen of the other.

The pure theory of health would be to wait until the magic 90% is reached. But the political reality is that compliance is waning. Unless you take out the water cannons and rubber bullets, there will be an erosion of standards tomorrow, no matter what.

Fun fact. Wales. Population 3.2 million people had an average number of 7-day Covid cases of 2,700 last week. 10 people died. 6,140 have died in the pandemic and they have 71% double sting. Yet 70,000 screaming, maskless Welsh supporters gathered in the Principality’s stadium and then flooded Cardiff city center. For comparison, New Zealand is currently at 75% double-stitched and Auckland at 80% and yet closed.

Meanwhile, other stories are put aside. New Zealand pledged this weekend to halve its carbon emissions by 2030. Only 8 years. But it’s a game of smoke and mirrors. The government believes spending $ 1.5 billion of borrowed money to plant forests in Asia is called reducing emissions. No it is not. This is called emission offsetting. He is of little help to the planet.

The whole thing has become an artifice where governments find it difficult to give the impression that they are doing something when they are not. That’s not a problem, except it’s all so expensive. A hell of a thing.

Three Waters staggers. A government determined to centralize and give honorary seats to the iwi board of directors. The problem with Three Waters is that authorities with good water supply systems don’t want and need it. Dragging them into dysfunctional regions is classic socialism. Drag it all down to a lower overall level.

What was needed was to invest in underperforming regions, without repairing places that weren’t broken.

My suggestion has always been to create an infrastructure bank to lend capital to places that are underinvested because they had too few taxpayers, or they had taxpayers who hated paying fair rates.

And finally, the assisted dying regime goes into effect this weekend. Despite the fact that we don’t have nurses because of the Covid and we haven’t had training because of the Covid. In New South Wales they have the same problem and they have postponed the deployment. Why not us ? It is reckless.

Three questions alone that could dominate the conversation.

Yet all we get is Covid, Covid, Covid. It is the most corrosive disease

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