Apocalypse of hatred, sectarianism, intolerance, lies engulfing the country: Sonia Gandhi


New Delhi: Hate, bigotry and intolerance were “engulfing” the country and, if not stopped, would damage society beyond repair, Congress Speaker Sonia Gandhi has claimed.

In a newspaper article, she called on people not to allow this to continue and urged them to stop “this raging fire and tsunami of hate” which will “flatten everything that has been so painstakingly built by generations.” past”.

“An apocalypse of hatred, bigotry, intolerance and untruth is overwhelming our country today. If we don’t stop it now, it will – if it hasn’t already – cause irreparable damage to our society. We simply cannot and must not allow this to continue. As a people, we cannot sit idly by and watch peace and pluralism sacrificed on the altar of false nationalism,” he said. she declared in an article of the Indian Express.

“Let us contain this raging fire, this tsunami of hatred that was unleashed before all that was so painstakingly built by past generations was razed to the ground,” Gandhi wrote.

She quoted Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore Gitanjali saying his verses were “all the more relevant and have heightened resonance” now.

“More than a century ago, the poet of Indian nationalism gave the world its immortal Gitanjali of which perhaps verse 35 has become the most famous and quoted. Gurudev Tagore’s prayer, with its seminal lines beginning with “Where the mind is fearless…” is all the more relevant and has increased resonance today. »

In the article “A virus is raging”, the Congress leader asked: “Should India be in a state of permanent polarization? »

She alleged that the ruling establishment clearly wants Indian citizens to believe that such an environment is in their best interest.

“Whether it be clothing, food, faith, feasts or language, the Indians are wanted to be opposed to the Indians and the forces of discord are given every encouragement – overt and secret. The story – both ancient and contemporary – is continually sought out for interpretation to promote animosity and revenge prejudice,” she said.

Her article follows the hijab dispute, the violence during Ram Navami and the clash at Jawaharlal Nehru University over serving non-vegetarian food in the hostel mess on that occasion.

Gandhi alleged that it was a “travesty” that instead of using resources to create a bright new future for the country and engage young minds in productive endeavours, “precious time and assets were used to attempt to reshape the present in terms of an imaginary past”.

Noting that the Prime Minister spoke a lot about recognizing India’s diversity, she said the “hard reality” was that under the ruling regime, the rich diversity that has defined and enriched society for centuries was ” manipulated to divide us and, worse, to harden and root more firmly” in them.

“The growing chorus of hatred, the undisguised incitement to aggression and even the crimes against minorities are far from the accommodating and syncretic traditions of our society.”

The Congress leader asserted, “There is something else more insidious that is part of this great new divisive scheme to keep India in a permanent state of frenzy. All dissent and opinions that oppose the ideology of those in power are sought out to be ruthlessly suppressed. Political opponents are targeted and the full power of the state apparatus is unleashed against them.

In the article, she claimed that activists were threatened and sought to be silenced, while social media in particular was used to “spread what can only be described as lies and venom”.

“Fear, deception and intimidation have become the pillars of the so-called ‘maximum governance, minimum government’ strategy,” Gandhi said.

Sharing a screenshot of the article on Twitter, Rahul Gandhi said, “Every Indian is paying the price for hate fueled by the BJP-RSS. India’s true culture is one of shared celebrations, community and cohesive living. Let’s commit to preserving that.

Opposition leader in Rajya Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge shared a link to Sonia Gandhi’s post on the microblogging site and said: “The feeling of hatred and animosity is widespread in the nation, constantly fueled by the ruling party, the BJP.

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