Attractions closed among customer complaints at Hurricane Harbor


Several park patrons told 12News they were frustrated after their recent visit.

GLENDALE, Ariz. — Families desperate to escape the heat this summer may not get what they expect at a popular North Valley water park.

Several customers at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Glendale tell 12News they were frustrated after their recent visit.

They complained about surprise fees, closed attractions, and difficulty getting cold drinking water.

“We’re paying more and getting less than before,” said mother-of-two Myle.

A representative from Hurricane Harbor said the company was experiencing staffing issues and “welcome feedback” from customers to make improvements.

Hurricane Harbor includes a $20 parking fee and a $15 locker fee

Christina Delacroix brought her children to Hurricane Harbor for the first time on Sunday.

Delacroix’s frustrations started in the parking lot. She was surprised to learn that there is a $20 parking fee for occasional customers. Fees are not advertised on the home page of the Hurricane Harbor website or in the “plan your visit” section. Instead, the fees are listed in a “One-Day Add-ons” section.

In comparison, Golfland Sunsplash at Mesa does not charge for parking.

Entrance fees were also more expensive than Delacroix expected. The adult ticket price at the door Sunday was $60.

The discounts advertised on the park’s homepage are for online purchases, but the homepage does not specify this. Several patrons arrived at the park thinking the admission price was cheaper. Discounted online purchases include a $12 processing fee, which customers said was misleading.

Once inside the park, some guests were also surprised to learn that locker fees start at $15.

“It adds up more and more. For that amount of money, we would stay home at our pool,” Delacroix said.

Locker rental prices at Golfland Sunsplash start at $8.

Some Hurricane Harbor attractions are closed

On a recent Sunday, two of the park’s main attractions were not operating.

“They (my kids) really wanted to go into the lazy river, and it’s down. They want to go in the wave pool and there are no waves,” Myle said.

Some guests who spoke with 12News said they noticed that major attractions had been closed all summer.

“We’ve never seen the wave pool open this summer we’ve been here,” said a season pass holder.

They want Hurricane Harbor to advertise on its website and phone app if the attractions are closed for the day.

“If everything is closed, we don’t want to load up the van and come,” said a mother of two, who bought a season ticket.

Golfland Sunsplash also does not advertise on its website which attractions are closed.

Hurricane Harbor said it has personnel and supply chain issues

A representative from Hurricane Harbor said by phone that the park is experiencing a staff shortage. Six Flags would not grant an interview to 12 News. The director of Hurricane Harbor provided a written statement.

“Customer safety is our top priority, and like so many Phoenix businesses, we are not immune to staffing and supply chain issues,” said Donald Spiller, general manager of Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. Phoenix. “We continue to hire throughout the season, making it our main priority every day to provide the best entertainment value in the region in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Hurricane Harbor website does not outline a drinking water policy

Customers also told 12News that after looking at the Hurricane Harbor website, they were under the impression that they weren’t allowed to bring their own drinking water. A park entrance sign stated that no coolers, coolers, or outside food or drink were allowed. Exceptions are made if customers purchase a more expensive plan.

Worse still, three guests told 12News that the drinking fountains were either not operational or only produced hot water. The temperature on Sunday reached 110 degrees. Some customers were directed by staff to a cafe where ice water was available.

“Water is free (at the cafe), but we had to wait in line for about 40 minutes,” said one guest.

A representative from Hurricane Harbor told 12News that the water fountains were not broken and were refrigerated. She said guests can bring water bottles into the park and refill them at one of eight water fountains.

2 out of 10 customers in Hurricane Harbor said they were satisfied

Two of ten people who spoke to 12News on Sunday said they were happy with their visit.

Fatima Cole said she takes her young children to the park every Sunday.

“I love it. I love it,” Cole said.

Season ticket holder John Nelson said he’s been disappointed all summer.

“Even the little things are a problem,” Nelson said. “For example, we have with our members the possibility of obtaining free drink refills. We just waited half an hour in line just to get a refill in our containers.”

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