Basepaws Donates $ 10,000 to Support Pets Rescued from Hurricane Ida


The digital pet health company has donated thousands of dollars to the Brandywine Valley SPCA to help support its efforts to care for affected pets.

Last month, Basepaws announced its donation of $ 10,000 to the Brandywine Valley SPCA (BVSPCA) to help support the organization’s efforts to care for the lost and rescued pets affected by Hurricane Ida.

“As a company living our core beliefs, our hearts tighten when we see such situations,” said Kristin Wuhrman, executive vice president of business development at Basepaws, in a company statement. “Our first and foremost concern is with animals and support organizations such as Tangipahoa Parish Animal Shelter to prioritize their safety.”

According to the statement, the BVSPCA and Tangipaphoa Animal Shelter have teamed up for a one-year mentorship project to help the Tangi shelter achieve levels of survival without killing by the end of 2021. The project consists of the BVSPCA staff living and working alongside the Tangi. staff in Louisiana for this year. “Our partnership created a unique opportunity for us to mobilize quickly when Ida’s impact predictions looked dire,” said Adam Lamb, CEO of BVSPCA.

The BVSPCA networked 16 organizations and was able to transport approximately 500 adoptable homeless pets to shelters in the Northeast and Midwest, half of which were cats. “We are doing this emergency work in addition to our daily rescue work, so Basepaws’ very generous donation has provided an essential resource for so many animals threatened by the storm,” Lamb noted.

“To be able to put animals out of harm’s way before a storm lands such as [Hurricane] Ida not only saves the lives of animals, but also offers tremendous relief to animal services by reducing the number of rescues that will need to be performed, ”explained Chip Fitz, director of Tangipahoa Parish Animal Services.

“By removing the animals ahead of time, they avoid the stress that accompanies a storm like this. In the aftermath of the storm, pet owners can become frustrated during recovery and sometimes unwittingly neglect pets or even in frustration, find it necessary to turn them into us, ”he continued.

Basepaws expresses its gratitude to all participants, veterinary panelists and sponsors, including Purina, Vague, and Trupanion of the 2nd Annual Basepaws Cat Behavior Summit. 100% of profits are donated to BVSPCA’s mentoring project with Tangipahoa Parish Animal Shelter.


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