Beast (Raw) Box Office Trailer: Thalapathy Vijay Starrer’s Opener Might Be ‘Lighter’ Not ‘Stronger’ Amid KGF: Chapter 2 Tsunami!

Beast (Raw) box office trailer: Here’s how much Thalapathy Vijay’s (Hindi) film could earn on day one (Photo credit: Beast poster)

Amid many complaints about ignoring Hindi promos, the creators of Beast, titled “Raw” in Hindi, finally unveiled a Hindi trailer a few days ago. The film brings Thalapathy Vijay back to the big screens after his pandemic success Master. With Pushpa and RRR exploiting the Hindi market very well, there is momentum in the southern camp. But will the same magic return to Vijay’s film as well? Let’s analyze its opening day.

Like all of Vijay’s other films, Beast also saw a unique promotional strategy with songs being revealed long before the promo. And yes, the trick worked really well. Songs like Arabic Kuthu and Jolly Gymkhana have already proven to be chartbusters, creating the hype for the trailer. And all that anticipation resulted in record likes and views.

Speaking of the trailer, it’s a perfect treat for fans with the dashing Thalapathy Vijay having some “goosebumps” moments. He’s not a typical mass artist, and we could distinguish him from the lack of “seetimaar” dialogues. Nevertheless, Vijay’s Veera Raghavan is enough to grab your full attention. It looks sleek, stylish and vibrant with sparkling background music giving a “full satisfaction” feeling.

With almost all the boxes checked, will the Hindi trailer for Beast (Raw) manage to attract a big following for the Hindi version of the film? Well not really.

If we take a look at recent Southern hits in the Hindi belt, most of them are Telugu dubbed movies, and Tamil movies haven’t held up really well, the latest example being Valimai from Ajith Kumar. Yes, there is an exception of 2.0, but this movie had the star power of Akshay Kumar in the Hindi belt. Tamil dubbed movies haven’t quite cracked the code!

Clash with KGF Chapter 2 and Jersey doesn’t help the movie either. As we know, KGF 2 is currently the most anticipated movie in the Hindi belt, and finally, a big chunk of screens is coming its way and the trends are already suggesting that it is going to crush the other two movies. And then there’s Shahid Kapoor’s film, which will also have a fair share of showings thanks to Shahid’s Kabir Singh momentum. Even if take a look at the previous release of Vijay Master, the movie had opened under the 1 crore mark. So, in the Hindi belt, the star has yet to attract crowds.

Considering all these factors and taking advantage of the well done trailer, the Hindi version of Beast should start 23 croreswhich would be lower than that of Pushpa 3.33 crore.

What do you think, how much will Beast aka Raw earn on Day 1? Share with us through the comments.

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