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Blastoise is one of the original three; the little turtle that becomes a behemoth, and sometimes wears sunglasses. Now that the power comes to Pokemon Unite in the form of a special attack-based defender. But don’t let the role fool you – Blastoise will destroy the enemy team when played the right way.

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Equally comfortable as a tanker for your team and acting as a more disruptive Pokemon, you’ll have loads of fun playing Blastoise. Go with your eyes on the prize, and your team will thank you at the end of the game, especially if you got that all-important win.

When to choose Blastoise

Screen showing Blastoise and its evolutions in Pokemon Unite

On paper, Blastoise looks like the ideal Pokémon. It has incredible burst damage, but plenty of sustain thanks to a huge health pool – in fact, only three Pokemon have more. He has the highest base defense of them all and the third highest Sp. Defense. Overall, he has incredible survivability.


However, his moves are slow and have long cooldowns. You will need to be patient with Blastoise and choose your battles and timings. It’s definitely the one you’ll need for practice, but once you get comfortable you’ll always be appreciated on teams.

Blastoise: tank building

Screen showing kept item choices for a Blastoise tank build in Pokemon Unite

A more standard build for Blastoise, this takes advantage of those incredible defensive stats to lead the line for your team. You will absorb damage while being able to inflict your own pain. It’s the build that will help your team the most and it’s also the easiest way to play.

Hydro Pump is a great move for zoning enemies, thanks to its knockback on hit, while also stunning the enemy for a significant duration. The surf increases even more and is great for protecting your team’s objectives. Then, when things heat up, Hydro Typhoon can turn the tide of battle.

Items will depend on your team composition and whether you need to be more tanky and lead the line, or more frustrating for the enemy. buddy barrier is a given, while Focus band is a wise choice. Score Shield is a strong option, and both Energy Amplifier and seashell bell are viable. Eject button is the best choice of battle item.

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Blastoise: Rapid beak construction

Screen showing held item choices for an offensive version of Blastoise in Pokemon Unite

This build is much more damage oriented than defensive and is most likely to decimate your enemies. It’s a very specific build with a very specific set of moves and rotation, and where item choice is key.

Unlike most builds, this one leads with your unit move, Hydro Typhoon. The reason is the buff you will get by choosing Energy Amplifier as one of your articles. Enter with Typhoon, follow with Water Spout then Rapid Spin. Use a basic attack once it ends and take advantage of Water Spout’s reset cooldown.

In addition to the energy amplifier, buddy barrier is a safe option that scores points on the board. However, you can also opt for the pairing of Focus band and muscle band, for a more offensive vision. But keep in mind that this build is risky overall because you’ll have a lot of downtime while your moves are on cooldown. Again, take it Eject button as a combat object.

Blastoise: Statistics

    Image of Blastoise and Pokemon Unite logo on purple and orange background
Level resume Attack Def Sp.Attack Sp.Def critical rate % Ground floor % % Lifesteal
1 3225 150 100 50 70 0 0 0
2 3319 152 107 55 75 0 0 0
3 3432 154 116 61 81 0 0 0
4 3568 157 126 68 88 0 0 0
5 4060 168 163 95 114 0 5 0
6 4256 172 178 106 124 0 5 0
7 4491 177 196 119 137 0 5 0
8 4773 183 217 135 152 0 5 0
9 5769 204 293 190 205 0 ten 0
ten 6175 214 324 212 227 0 ten 0
11 6662 224 361 239 253 0 ten 0
12 7247 238 405 271 284 0 ten 0
13 7948 252 458 310 321 0 ten 0
14 8790 270 522 356 366 0 ten 0
15 9800 292 599 412 420 0 ten 0

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