BGMI Team 8 Bit Esports bids farewell to Rayed and Tsunami


8 Bit Esports, one of the leading esports organizations in the Indian gaming community, has bid farewell to its BGMI players known as Rayed and Tsunami. The team had a poor performance in the recent BGMI Official Tournament i.e. BMOC Round 4. The 8-Bit team finished in 14th position overall on Day 3 of the BGMI Open Challenge, which led to his elimination from the tournament along with the other. teams.

Team 8 Bit has its own story of scoring the first ever chicken dinner by an Indian team at a global event. The team is one of the two teams that qualified for the first global event of PUBG Mobile – PMSC Asia 2018. Animesh ‘Thug’ Agarwal and Lokesh Jain aka Goldy Bhai are the two co-founders of 8-Bit Team and Thug , aka Thugwa the owner of 8-Bit Creatives. 8-Bit Creatives has many popular gamers and content creators under its banner.

8 Bit Esports officially part ways with Rayed and Tsunami after team’s poor performance at BMOC R4

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Image via 8Bit Esports Official, Instagram

Last month, the team announced their 6-man BGMI roster via their official Instagram account which consisted of 2 seasoned players and 4 new players. The team was also invited to BMOC The Grind but the event did not go well for the team. Therefore, the organization announced their new roster ahead of the Battleground Mobile Open Challenge 2022 Round 4 as the team was invited. The roster consisted of the following players:

  1. Regaltos
  2. striped
  3. Mad
  4. Juicy
  5. Tsunami
  6. Secret

Rayed has past professional experience of playing competitive PUBG Mobile (now BGMI) under various organizations like Revenge Esports, Godlike Esports, Team iNSANE, etc. Tsunami is a BGMI Pro player who was picked by 8-Bit Esports ahead of BMOC round 4. After the team’s poor performance, the organization decided to release both players.

Recently, Team 8-Bit manager Mercy confirmed that Rayed would be released from the team. He also added that it was not because of his gameplay but because of team issues like rage and anger. It is confirmed by Mercy that Regaltos also left the 8-Bit team and he says the team is doing trials. Therefore, we can expect new changes and additions to the team soon.

Also, check out Rayed’s video below explaining that it won’t continue in 8-bit.

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