Boris Johnson must act or Britain’s debt tsunami could sink him too


BORIS Johnson has been crippled by the exploding cost of living crisis.

The Prime Minister risks wasting the credit he has accumulated for his management of Covid by appearing complacent in the face of soaring household bills.


Boris Johnson must act or Britain’s debt tsunami could sink him too

Government inaction has now allowed Labor to sneak in with their own catchy plans to counter tax hikes and skyrocketing energy prices.

Phantom Chancellor Rachel Reeves says her ‘fully costed’ proposals will cut family spending by up to £ 600 a year.

They include a bold tax on windfall profits of the big North Sea energy companies which have reaped huge profits from soaring gas prices.

Whether or not the plans stand up to scrutiny, they will appeal to millions of people worried about their family budget.

And Ms. Reeves’ accusation that the Conservatives were “asleep at the wheel” may well resonate with many. On this page, Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng makes a powerful defense of what the government has done so far to reduce rising bills.

But there is little new to deal with this rapidly approaching cash flow emergency.

The government must come up with its own bailout.

A good place to start would be to remove VAT on energy and delay increases in national insurance.

Boris is already lagging behind Labor in key seats on the Red Wall.

If he does not act quickly, the debt tsunami could also sink him.

Jab Prem players

PREMIER League football clubs quickly loaned out stadiums for jabs and very loud when staff and players fall victim to Covid.

But what we haven’t seen is a significant crackdown on players to make sure they get all of their shots.

Culture secretary Nadine Dorries could soon give the red card to all this.

She is considering a rule change that would mean non-stung athletes returning to the UK after overseas events will have to self-isolate for 10 days.

It is high time to adopt such measures.

The more difficult we make the life of anti-vaccines or non-injections, the more likely we are to reduce their number.

Kate’s roaring 40s

LOTS of happy returns to Kate Middleton on her 40th birthday today.

The stunning images of our future queen once again underscore how much of a huge asset she is as a decidedly modern royal.

We hope your special day is great, Kate.

Martin Lewis warns energy bills will rise by £ 600 a year in April

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