Camp Cope Announces New Album “Running with the Hurricane” (New Song & Exclusive Vinyl)


Pre-order Camp Cope’s new album ”Running with the Hurricane” on ultra clear moon phase/baby pink vinyl, limited to 300 copies, HERE.

Face the camp returned in November with “Blue,” their first new song since their 2018 album How to socialize and make friends (our #1 album of the year). They said at the time that it was the first single from their highly anticipated third album, and they have now officially announced Run with the hurricane, which will be released on March 25 via Run for Cover (pre-order on exclusive vinyl). It was named after a song by Redgum, the Australian political folk band of which Georgia Maq’s late father, Hugh McDonald, was a member. when we were in the thick of it, and then this album is about how we came out the other side. And we came out stronger, more loving, more peaceful and better friends.

They also shared another new single, the cathartic title track, which delivers the lyrics’ message that “the only way out is upstairs” amid soaring, spine-chilling harmonies. Listen to it below.

We’re excited to team up with Camp Cope and Run for Cover on an exclusive Moon Phase Ultra Clear/Baby Pink Vinyl variant of Run with the hurricane. It is limited to 300 copies worldwide and available exclusively in our store. Pre-order yours HERE as long as they last.

Here is a mockup of the vinyl:

Camp Cope- Run with the hurricane Track list
1. Carolina
2. Run with the hurricane
3. One Blink at a Time
4. Blue
5. The Screaming Planet
6. Love as you do
7. Jealous
8. The Mountain
9. Say the line
10. Sing your heart out

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