Carolina Panthers owner and Tepper Foundation provide tornado assistance


CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) — Appearances reveal evidence of unfinished business as communities in western Kentucky try to rebound from its battle with nature more than three months later.

Street after street, the landscape is littered with smashed cars, shattered glass and piles of rubble. In many cases, local landmarks have disappeared.

Tony Watkins is on a personal mission in a public place and is grateful for the Carolinas’ help.

“The Samaritan’s Purse was here. Billy Graham was there,” he said.

Watkins heads the Community Foundation of West Kentucky and receives help from Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper, who provided assistance through the Tepper Foundation and the David and Nicole Tepper Foundation.

The two advocacy organizations donated a combined $375,000 to lighten a very heavy load.

“They’ve been very grateful and very generous to us,” Watkins told WBTV.

In partnership with Eko Villages, a Land Betterment Corporation, $100,000 from the owner of the Panther pays for reused truck containers, which helps ease the burden of a housing dilemma.

Martha Woolsey is at the front desk of one of the houses.

“Almost everyone here is below the poverty line, and that comes down to housing,” she said.

“There is no rental property. People have nowhere to go. »

Surviving in a harsh environment is a daily test of one’s strength, as so much is made worse by the pain of poverty.

Many who endured such an unforgettable Judgment Night hope they will not be among the forgotten.

Affected families are drawn to Mrs. Becky’s Place in Dawson Springs.

Becky James was featured on CBS Sunday morning after learning she had lost her home but managed to save the family business.

His son Lee James says cooked meals have a way of nurturing the soul of a sick community.

He said: “We have people working here who needed to get back to work. They were hit by the tornado. We needed it.

Such a need rings true with painted statements in prayer at the local crossroads helping to define a difficult road for this western Kentucky town. A spokesperson for the Tepper Foundations said in a statement that financial donations were also sent to Feeding America’s Kentucky Heartland, the Northeast Arkansas Food Bank and the American Red Cross.

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