Choose Home Savings Again?

Well, we are not in a simple position to write about home savings. Not because nothing is happening to them, in fact … There is so much that you can barely fit into an article. ? But the basic question is: What are the new home savings? Worth choosing? Let’s find out.


Old home savings

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Who would not remember that for 20 years the saving of the country’s most popular apartment, the savings bank, worked under almost unchanged conditions. Last year 4 different service providers offered us their own contracts, Argon, EarnWe, Fundamental and OSD.

The biggest benefit of all was the fact that we received 30% state subsidy on our payments, up to a maximum of HUF 72,000 a year. In the case of a 10-year contract with a maximum duration, this amounted to HUF 720,000. Well, that’s not right now. And two of the four players are currently offering his new contract.


New contracts

home loan

As mentioned above, 2 providers are providing us with new home savings, Fundamental and OSD . As before, all service providers have come up with quite similar but slightly different contracts.

It is clear that home saving funds had to come up with something to make up for the lack of state support. In our opinion, they have chosen the best possible solution, as we can get so-called customer bonuses if we contract them. And 5% is not a little.


Added value worth investing

Added value worth investing

It is also good news that one person can save not only 20 thousand HUF, but also higher sums. At Fundamental it is HUF 40 thousand a month, while at OSD it is HUF 50 thousand a month. With this amount of savings, you can get a high self-sufficiency in housing sooner. In addition, the new home savings focused specifically on favorable lending.

In conclusion, let us not make the mistake of missing state aid that no longer exists. If you consider home savings as a stand-alone new contract, this is a very good option for those who are collecting real estate. Contact us for details! We will find the optimal solution for you.