City of Cape Coral may restrict when you can have hurricane shutters


CAPE CORAL, Fla. — The city of Cape Coral could make hurricane shutters illegal unless there is a threat of a storm. The city wants to restrict when you can have them.

Cape Coral Fire Chief Ryan Lamb said it could pose a fire hazard, adding that it takes fire crews longer to enter a home to rescue people who are trapped inside. interior if shutters are present. This makes it more difficult for smoke and gases to escape from the house and if firefighters need to escape, they are limited as to where they can escape from.

Chief Lamb showed a video of how long it takes firefighters to enter a house if shutters are present. Fire Chief Lamb said it all comes down to the safety of firefighters and the public.

“It was not done as a form of malice. This was done to try to keep people safe and move the city forward in a positive way,” Lamb said.

The city council asked staff to gather more information about similar storm shutter ordinances from other cities in the state. They plan to raise this issue again in the coming months. We’re less than three months away from hurricane season, and city council members are considering new rules that could impact how you prepare your home for the storm.

The proposed ordinance would allow the shutters to go up only five days before a storm, and they would have to go down two weeks after the storm passes. The City of Cape Coral Fire Department said that under current rules shutters are a major fire hazard.

But some residents say they are against the proposal.

“I personally use my hurricane shutters to protect my home from the elements as well as to protect my property from burglary and theft,” said one Cape Coral resident.

“I can see both sides of the hurricane shutdown order. I would like to ask the council to think hard and put a lot of effort into a legitimate exception,” said a Cape Coral resident.

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