CoinEx Offers Emergency Aid to Filipinos Affected by Typhoon Rai as a Show of Goodwill


CoinEx sent support teams to the three most affected areas, Southern Leyte, Cebu and Negros respectively. Sparing no effort to support disaster relief in the country, CoinEx has also provided emergency aid donations to local relief organizations. Each support team consisted of 20 members. Shortly after Rai arrived in the country, they prepared and distributed the necessary supplies to the residents who need them the most.

6and and 8and In January, support teams visited people in Rai-affected areas and distributed a total of 300 supply packages including rice, noodles, sardines, water, bread, biscuits and other items. daily supplies. Apart from providing emergency supplies, CoinEx also gave a $10,000 emergency donation to the local government and spared no effort to support disaster relief in the country.

CoinEx’s Aid to Disaster Relief in The Philippines fully reflected its mission of “Via Blockchain, Making The World A Better Place”. CoinEx has always been committed to its social responsibilities, has been actively involved in various charitable causes, and has held charitable events around the world. With a loving heart, CoinEx has done everything possible to give back to society and reach out.

As a world-famous crypto-trading platform, CoinEx will continue to perfect its products and provide users with the best services. In the meantime, he will also continue to send a positive message and engage in more charity events. Aiming to give back to the public and its global users, the exchange will strive to take on more social responsibilities while calling on more people to contribute to charitable causes.

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