Community of Hughes Springs offers tornado recovery assistance



HUGHES SPRINGS, Texas (KETK) – East Texans in Hughes Springs are still feeling the impact of the tornado that tore two weeks ago. At the First Assembly of God church, they have set up a disaster assistance center to help support those in need.

“The community has just come together and it’s been day in and day out, just bringing in food that you know people need,” said volunteer Carol Stewart.

When communities suffer disaster, people come together to help each other and that is something special for the Town of Hugh Springs.

“The fact that we’re able to provide these resources to them…really every person should have the opportunity to go and try to help these people is just an eye opener and these people are so grateful for what they’ve received and the most of them I don’t. I don’t think I ever expected this kind of help,” said Samuel Prihoda.

The church donates food, personal care items and cleaning supplies, volunteers also offer to help clean up debris. Carol Stewart has been helping set up the help desk since the morning after the tornado.

“It’s been tiring but also rewarding when people come in, they’ve lost their homes, they’ve lost everything and you can give them something,” Stewart said.

Volunteers have a specific route where they will deliver to people in need. On some days they also offer hot meals. Church members say they have received donations from Convoy of Help and Vanguard Ford. Several other businesses have also donated, and church members said they are grateful for all the help they are receiving.

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