Congressman Dusty Johnson visits Castlewood to see the aftermath of the tornado devastation | Local News


Congressman Dusty Johnson traveled to Castlewood yesterday afternoon to witness the aftermath of the devastating tornado which destroyed many homes and their school.

Dusty met with Superintendent Peter Books, Superintendent Angela Keszler, Hamlin County Sheriff Chad Schlotterbeck, and Castlewood Hometown Mayor Brian Ries.

Superintendent Brooks took Dusty to see all the damage done to the school and discuss the option of additional funding that might be available to help the school.

Please look at the photos we posted in the article for reference.

KXLG News caught up with Congressman Johnson after the tour…

Dusty says FEMA assessors will be coming to Castlewood in the coming days to help determine the outcome of their assistance.

Principal Keszler raised concerns about the mental health of the students, and that was a concern before the tornado. KXLG News asked how Dusty feels about this…

Social media and many other stressors that we are unaware of affect these students on a daily basis; greater awareness of mental health and the elimination of stigma is what is needed.

Dusty talks about the current shortage of formulas…

KXLG News asked Dusty about gas price inflation. Is there an end in sight…

Dusty is chair of the Bio-Fuel Caucus and says he has been the leader on this issue. The vote could take place as early as next week.

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