Dallas student spends Christmas helping Kentucky tornado victims


A Dallas woman who was ready to spend Christmas with her family instead lends a helping hand in Kentucky.

The American Red Cross says more than 1,200 people in Kentucky remain displaced after deadly tornadoes. More than 90 people have been killed, including 77 in Kentucky.

Susan Mahoney lives in Dallas and is a student, but she volunteers for the American Red Cross and helps people in hard-hit Mayfield, Ky.

“I’m a little stifled because a lot of people, a lot of locals here, are really in pain,” she said. “It was my duty to our fellow Americans.”

Mahoney has been a part-time volunteer for years and has been in the field since December 14.

“I have never seen such severe tornado damage,” she said.

There are no hotels available – or in some areas standing – for volunteers. They sleep in a college gymnasium, but that’s OK for Mahoney.

“Although I am not with my family, I am with a whole new family that I have made,” said Mahoney.

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