Deadline extended to help owners of vehicles destroyed by Hurricane Ian



Hurricane Ian sank, grounded or submerged so many ships that the time to get them up and out of waterways, mangroves or backyards was extended.

If you’re lucky enough to have a boat, a car, a motorcycle, an off-roader, and a vehicle and trailer to haul it all in, but unlucky enough that 150 mph winds are blowing it everywhere, you’ve got once again got lucky. Kind of.

Hundreds of ships of all types pushed from moorings by Hurricane Ian’s surge remain in hard-to-reach areas such as this section of mangroves just north of Fort Myers Beach.

Hurricane Ian moved more than 4,000 ships, vehicles and trailers – everything registered counts – and now that they’ve been assessed, more than 500 of them are marked as “derelict”. The number is expected to rise as more vessels are discovered wrecked and hopefully removed by their owners’ insurance companies.

Rob Beaton, a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission major in charge of boating and waterways, said owners are always encouraged to hire a salvage company themselves to salvage their vessel, but don’t. they cannot afford it and return the title, his agency will coordinate the removal and destruction of the vessel, and the owners will not be charged.

The initial 45-day grace period to bring derelict vessels into compliance or remove them from state waters under a waiver has ended, but the scale of the problem could not be addressed as quickly.

Beaton said he sees many ship owners have been moved out of the region and may be in other states or even out of the country.

“Due to the significant number of ships affected by Hurricane Ian and the fact that many residents are still assessing the damage,” Beaton said, “We made the decision yesterday afternoon to extend the deadline for acceptance of the derogation throughout the month of December.”

The FWC said if your vessel is missing or you have located a vessel in state waters displaced by the hurricane, call the agency’s Hurricane Ian Vessel hotline at (850) 488. -5600.

The Florida Division of Emergency Management assumed the role of coordinating the removal and disposal of ships examined by the FWC in Lee and Charlotte counties.

And through a newly created statewide debris cleanup program, residents can request the removal of vehicles, vessels, motorcycles, trailers and ATVs. Go online for for more information.

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