DEH leads a tour of debris sites in preparation for hurricane season


The Department of Environmental Health (DEH) led members of the Initial Clearance and Debris Management (ICDM) Committee on a tour of potential debris sites, as part of the hurricane preparedness plan for the hurricane season. ongoing hurricanes.

Chairman of the ICDM Committee, Deputy Director DEH Solid Waste, Mr. Michael Haworth explained the importance of these sites.

Haworth said:

These sites are vital in the aftermath of a storm, hurricane or other disaster. They offer support to all of our communities by providing local sites to help people clean up their debris. The sites will be operated by DEH and its partners so that debris materials can be managed appropriately and safely.

Once assessed, the sites have been categorized according to their suitability (good, medium and poor) and will be presented to the National Emergency Operations Center for final approval. The activation of these debris sites will be announced as they become necessary.

DEH reminds members of the public of the essential role they play in limiting potential damage to their homes during natural disasters by decreasing the amount of debris and minimizing the impact of damage from storms or hurricanes:

  • Cut down any trees or branches that come into contact with your home, pool cage, shed, or other buildings
  • Thin foliage so the wind can blow freely through the branches, reducing the chance of the plant being uprooted during a storm
  • Clear your property of any objects that could become a projectile during a storm or hurricane, including your garbage cans.

The ICDM committee allows emergency responders access to obstructed areas and then ensures the safe disposal of debris in the event of a severe weather or hurricane system. Members of the ICDM committee include representatives from the National Road Authority, Cayman Water Authority, Department of Environment and DEH.

For more information, please contact DEH at 949-6696, email us at [email protected], visit the DEH website at, or send a message to our page Facebook at

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