Depp’s attorney: Jurors ‘tainted’ by ‘baseless’ trial publicity


Johnny Depp’s lawyer has said claims by Amber Heard’s representatives that jurors were “tainted” by the publicity of the case when delivering their verdict in the case are “baseless”. Benjamin Chew, who was part of the actor’s legal team, said the criticism leveled at the integrity of jurors by Elaine Bredehoft in a recent interview was “really disappointing” to hear.

Ms Bredehoft made the remarks during an interview with US news program Today shortly after the verdicts were handed down in the multi-million dollar libel case. Mr Depp sued his former partner over a 2018 article he wrote in The Washington Post, which his lawyers said falsely accused him of being physically and sexually abusive towards her.

Discussing Ms Bredehoft’s claims in the interview, Mr Chew told Law and Crime Network: ‘I was really disappointed to hear that because she is a very good lawyer, very experienced. It seemed to undermine the integrity of the jurors because as you know they were sworn not to watch social media and there is no reason to believe they did. So to hear such a baseless claim was disappointing.

During her interview, Ms Bredehoft also told Today there were “a number of evidentiary issues”, which Mr Chew called “absurd”. He added: “There are rules of evidence and both sides had evidence that was excluded for proper evidentiary reasons.”

Ms Heard will ‘absolutely’ appeal the verdict and has ‘excellent reasons’ to do so, Ms Bredehoft said.

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