DoST: climate change affects PH the most



With the effects of climate change clearly visible with more powerful typhoons hitting the Philippines and causing extensive damage to lives and property, the Department of Science and Technology (DoST) on Friday called for more collective action by Filipinos and people from other countries.

Dr. Sancho Mabborang, DoST Undersecretary for Regional Operations, cited the “massive repercussions and impact of climate change, especially on the Philippines” at a forum hosted by Advantage Austria and Impact Hub Manila.

The DoST said the Philippines is among the countries most exposed to the vagaries of climate change.

Meanwhile, he noted that rainforests play a key role in reducing the negative effects of climate change by producing oxygen, helping to recycle and clean water, removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and absorbing rainwater to prevent flooding and landslides, among other things.

Mabborang has pushed for greener technologies and partnered with pro-environment groups for a more local and global sustainable fight against climate change.

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Florian Puchinger of Advantage Austria said there was a need to explore ways to prevent agriculture and aquaculture from being overexploited or depleted.

Bettina Stockinger, Commercial Director of Blue Planet Ecosystem, said the global food system is also affected by climate change.

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