Duplin Church raises funds for new facility following hurricane damage



WALLACE, NC (WNCT) — From devastation to hope.

The Northeast Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church hopes the funds it raised from Friday’s BBQ plate will help them open their doors to a new home so they can continue to provide a place of worship. Wallace’s Church has been around since 1898, but after repeated flooding they have to raise funds to move elsewhere.

Hurricanes Ernesto, Matthew, Floyd, and Florence all wreaked havoc on the church’s current facilities.

“In the last 20 years the church has flooded four times, twice in our sanctuary,” said Ryan Chambers, deacon of the church. “And this last time with Hurricane Florence, it almost hit our second-floor classrooms.”

Hurricane Florence made them realize that more needed to be done than just repair and rebuild.

“After Florence, many of our members got together and we voted to move the church facilities out of the flood zone,” Chambers said.

He said it won’t be easy to get there.

“We came together with this big advantage to try and raise money for the new facility,” Chambers said. “You know, everything is getting more and more expensive these days”

Chambers said church and community members spent days cutting coleslaw, preparing desserts and grilling for the event.

“We had about 3,700 plates pre-sold and we sold another 500 plates this morning,” Chambers said. “So from 11 a.m. people came in and bought plates to take with them, or you know, they can sit down and enjoy it.”

Chambers said they hope to raise around $50,000 to complete the new facility. He added that being out of the flood zone, they hope to help others in case of future natural disasters.

“We’ve served the community, you know, forever,” Chambers said. “The new facility, we’re putting showers in there, so it can be used as a shelter the next time a storm hits.”

Chambers said he hopes the new facility will have services before the end of the year. To donate to the new church, Click here.

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