Eastwood food bank desperate for donations amid ‘tsunami of need’ this Christmas



People across the country are being pushed to the breaking point by the rising cost of living.

The hardest choices are to be made. Parents who don’t eat to have enough to eat for their children, pensioners who don’t turn on the heating because they can’t afford to stay warm, and disabled people stuck at home because they don’t can’t afford accessible transportation.

This winter is going to be the toughest yet for food banks as they face a “tsunami” of skyrocketing needs and operational costs, and they cannot respond to this crisis alone; they urgently need your support.

Can you save food to help the less fortunate?

Volunteers at the Eastwood Food Bank, which is run by the Eastwood Volunteer Bureau, work tirelessly around the clock to ensure people facing hunger can access the supplies they need.

Susan Bagshaw, director of the Eastwood Volunteer Bureau, said: “We are expecting a busy winter. Whether or not we’ll cope, I’m not sure. It will certainly be more demanding than in previous years.

“People aren’t donating as much as they used to because I think more of them are struggling and we appreciate that.”

With one in five people visiting a food bank from a working household, hunger is an issue that can affect us all.

Food bank executives Jamie Cruise and his mother Susan Bagshaw at the Eastwood Volunteer Bureau.

There’s no doubt we’re all feeling the pinch, but Susan hopes community members will still save what they can.

She added: ‘I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who donates to us and if they could squeeze a little more out it would be really, really beneficial. Every little donation can make a big difference.

“I would also like to thank my son James, who is running everything at the moment, and the ladies who come to prepare the packages for us.”

The charity is currently managing to deliver 90 parcels a week, hoping to increase that number to 120 next month.

They will also be providing festive gifts for children who might otherwise go without, as well as a Christmas edition of the food parcel.

To help fill Christmas parcels, the service is asking for donations of nuts, chocolates, Christmas puddings, stuffing, instant mash, canned ham, salmon, potatoes and peas, in addition usual donations of food and toiletries.

People can drop off their donations daily from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Eastwood Volunteer Bureau at Wellington Place.

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