EF0 tornado confirmed in Wyoming


An EF0 tornado with a peak wind speed of 125 miles per hour touched down in Wyoming during a brief supercell thunderstorm last week.

The Northern Tornadoes Project (NTP) released its findings on the July 19 storm on Tuesday.

A survey team was in the area collecting data and a drone survey was completed on Thursday July 21.

No injuries were reported, however, there was damage to structures and trees in the area. The NTP said the worst damage recorded in Wyoming was the collapse of an open barn.

A report indicates that the damage track was 2.1 kilometers long with a maximum width of 200 meters.

Geoff Coulson, Environment Canada meteorologist in charge of warning preparedness, previously said that tornado winds tend to be very strong but narrow and concentrated. While a downburst, as identified in Thedford during a storm on Wednesday July 20, tends to have a wide area of ​​damage.

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