Effects of Typhoon Mulan will cause heavy rains and floods in Cambodia


The Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology has released a weather forecast for Cambodia from today to August 16, 2022.

Between August 10 and 13, Cambodia will be affected by depressions from the persistent low pressure system (ITCZ) over northern Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, as well as the effects of the seventh typhoon, Mulen, heading towards northern Vietnam on August 11. , 2022.

Meanwhile, southwest monsoon winds will continue to blow over coastal areas.

After that, Cambodia will be affected by Indo valley low pressure and weak southwest monsoon.

Such a situation will:

1: Central Lowlands
* Minimum temperature 23-25°C
* Maximum temperature 33-35°C
* Light to moderate rain is possible with moderate to heavy rain and thunderstorms. Lightning and trembling wind.

2: Highlands
* The minimum temperature is 22-24 ° C ||
* Maximum temperature 33-35 ºC
* Precipitation will be light to moderate with thunderstorms and gusts.

3: Coastal zone
* Minimum temperature 23-25°C
* Maximum temperature 31-33°C
* Moderate to heavy rain with thunderstorms.
* Between August 10 and 12 there will be heavy rain, which means parts of Koh Kong and Sihanoukville provinces may be flooded. At sea, there can be heavy rain, strong winds and high waves. After that, precipitation will decrease to a moderate level.

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