Ellabell family gets new home after deadly tornado


ELLABELL, Ga. (WTOC) – An Ellabell family’s life returns to normal after their mobile home was destroyed in April’s deadly tornado.

Today, the Driggers family was surprised to have a new home, thanks to a disaster relief group.

The Driggers family took off their blindfolds on Saturday and saw their new home.

“It’s beautiful, I didn’t want to touch anything,” said Terri Driggers.

The past few months have been stressful for the Driggers.

We first introduced you to the family the day after an EF4 tornado lifted and rolled their old home off the ground…with their two daughters inside.

“He had his ups and downs,” said Nolan Driggers. “Very stressful especially in a 22ft RV with 2 young children bouncing with 2 young children bouncing off the walls. But we made it work and we were blessed for it.

The family were slightly injured but say they are lucky to be alive.

Staff from disaster relief group God’s Pit Crew said they worked with donors and volunteers to give the Driggers family their new home, with a bedroom for each of their two daughters.

“It’s so important to be able to give hope to a family that has been through a traumatic event like this, to be able to step in and give them a whole new home, a new start when they’ve lost everything with no way to get it back. said Brandon Knuckles, COO of God’s Pit Crew.

And now that the family has a new home…they hope their daughter’s life can return to normal too.

“If it rains or there are storms my kids are terrified but now that they are back in a real home I hope that slowly fades and they get back to normal too “, said Nolan Driggers.

And they swear to keep the oak tree which they say saved their lives.

“She wouldn’t let me chop down the oak tree. I kind of think it’s a huge eye-sore, but at the same time I believe if that tree wasn’t there we would have ended up somewhere across the road,” Nolan said. Riggers.

And with a new home, the family now has a new breath of life.

The Driggers say they had no home insurance when their home was destroyed.

And while the Driggers say they’re happy to have a new home, they remind us not to forget the families who are still struggling to get the relief they need.

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