Evil Dog Owner Stabbed German Shepherd 12 Times Before Letting Her Die


Luke Proffitt told cops ‘it’s not illegal to kill your dog’ after they ransacked the animal on a Sunderland beach – vets did their best to save her

Luc Profitt

A dog owner has been jailed for stabbing his dog 12 times and leaving him to die on a Sunderland beach.

Luke Profitt, 22, inflicted horrific injuries on the German Shepherd in a frenzied attack on December 12 last year, before members of the public discovered the dog in serious condition at Hendon Beach. Vets tried to save her, but the animal died after suffering cardiac arrest.

Proffitt told officers that “it is not illegal to kill your dog,” reported ChronicleLive.

On Monday he appeared at Newcastle Crown Court and pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. He was jailed for 18 months and banned from owning animals for 18 years.

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Wildlife Officer Peter Baker of Northumbria Constabulary described it as an ‘absolutely horrendous case’ and said he welcomed the sentence given to Proffit.

He said: “There is no doubt that the dog was subjected to sustained abuse and was found by members of the public with appalling injuries to her body and neck on Hendon beach.

“Proffit is one of the first offenders in our force to be jailed since stricter sentencing guidelines were introduced in UK courts last summer for the most heinous crimes of animal cruelty. .

“We are a nation of animal lovers, and it is always disappointing and upsetting when crimes like this happen. I hope this case sends a strong message that anyone who harms or mistreats animals will be brought to justice. in justice.

“We will continue to work with our fantastic colleagues and partners, including the RSPCA, to educate everyone – including young people in schools across the North East – about the importance of looking after animals.”

Proffit’s dog was healthy and of a good weight before the attack, the court heard. The violent assault was considered a serious but isolated incident that occurred at a time when the accused was going through a mental health crisis.

Animal cruelty spotted or animal in distress? Contact the RSPCA directly or call the police on 101.

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