Five waves at 60 seconds: Hurricane Frank from above


Video: Marc Beaty

Hurricane swells in SoCal are wonderful, slightly frenetic things. They are much less predictable than the well predicted Southern Hemi or North Pacific swells. They have names! They don’t touch the ground here. They light up rare bird spots. As OC-based forecast director Kevin Wallis noted in our article “The Best Southern California Hurricane Swells of the Century (So Far)” a few years ago: “SIZE. MOVEMENT. WIND In that order Hurricanes are extremely small compared to winter type storms The size of a hurricane and the direction in which the storm is moving determines the size of the swell The strength of the system is significantly less than its size and movement.

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Frank’s move turned out to be pretty damn good for SoCal surfers. Good enough to be the best tropical swell since Hurricane Rosa in 2018. And although the wind picked up reasonably early Monday morning (surprise!), there were a few hours of fine lines for dawn patrollers . And while we’re processing a mountain of material today — and there’s more swell tomorrow! — we wanted to share this semi-peaceful moment of zen over an Orange County beachbreak this morning. Check back tomorrow for the full Swell story.

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