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VERO BEACH — Former Miami wide receiver Shawn O’Dare has returned home to host a youth football camp at Vero Beach High, bringing current and former Hurricanes with him.

O’Dare, now an NFL agent at Rosenhaus Sports, has hosted current Miami stars Tyler Van Dyke, Xavier Restrepo, Jahfari Harvey and Elijah Arroyo (all of whom he represents as an NIL agent) as well as alumni like Stephen Morris, Kenny Holmes, Pat Bethel and Trent Harris at his foundation’s youth football camp on Saturday.

“One of our coaches here, Kenny Holmes, used to host a celebrity basketball game here,” O’Dare said. “I dated guys like Warren Sapp, Daunte Culpeper, when I was 10. It was the coolest thing in the world. I thought when I was able to do something like that and to leverage the relationships I have as an agent and get the guys back, I would. And it went pretty well.”

About 70 children have signed up for the camp, O’Dare said.

“They’re so energetic,” Restrepo said. “I didn’t see anyone frowning. They’re all smiling, so it’s just awesome.

As O’Dare, Bethel, Harvey and Holmes are Vero Beach alumni, which makes the trip from Coral Gables even more meaningful.

“I haven’t been there in a while,” Harvey said, “so it was good to be back, especially working with kids who are here grinding, making them sweat on this day. ‘summer.”

O’Dare said the current Hurricanes are happy to volunteer at his foundation’s camp.

“I asked them once and they said, ‘No problem. Sure.’ O’Dare said, “I didn’t have to ask them many times. They like to give back to the community. They do it all the time in Miami, but I told them it was important to me to give something back to my hometown.

The mix of former and current Hurricanes who made the trip to Vero Beach for camp demonstrated the connections between Miami alumni and current players.

“It’s awesome, man, to be able to be part of such a big logo, to go to the University of Miami,” Harris said. “Just having guys who really care about what you do after a life of football and who will help you in life. I think that’s the most important thing: just to be a family like that.

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