Genshin Impact Players Shaken By What Could Be The Game’s Biggest, Most Illegal Leak Yet



Nearly a year of Genshin Impact updates and characters have apparently been leaked in what the gaming community has called an almost unprecedented “tsunami” of illegally dumped information.

The fallout began over the weekend as a large amount of data allegedly from Hoyoverse servers began circulating. The scope of the leak is enormous, covering everything from Update 3.3 to the release of Fontaine, the next Sumeru-sized region apparently slated for Update 3.8 around July 2023.

Many of these topics have been raised in previous minor leaks, but never all at once and never with so much hard evidence attached. We’re looking at around 36 weeks of leaked content, with plenty of new characters, bosses, weapons, events, areas, and more.

As extensive as this leak is, it is limited in terms of actual assets due to the seemingly server-side nature of the leaked information. This is different from the situation around Genshin Impact’s infamous 1.5 update, which saw a development build spread online and eventually prompted Hoyoverse (then Mihoyo) to crack down more seriously on leaks. However, it still seems much more serious than the first leaks Sumeru and Dendro around the 3.0 update.

That being said, all of this information is subject to change, especially when it comes to the release date of certain characters and even the types of weapons they will be using. We won’t be linking to anything in this article given the nature of the leak. As several known Genshin leakers have underline (opens in a new tab), the leaked files also appear to contain user data for several Hoyoverse QA testers. This leak is so risky, in fact, that many prolific leakers have completely washed their hands of it.

“After careful consideration with friends, I have decided to delete ALL of my tweets from today just to be safe,” said Ubatcha (opens in a new tab), a leaker with over 450,000 Twitter followers. “To be clear, I do not condone any method by which the data was obtained and I was not involved in obtaining or distributing the original data.”

We have contacted Hoyoverse for further details on the cause and scope of this leak and will update our reports if we receive a response.

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