Glasgow has no covid PCR test available today amid Omicron ‘tsunami’


Glasgow residents said Glasgow Live they are struggling to book any form of PCR testing today amid an increase in Omicron cases in Scotland.

The government’s website for booking a PCR test says there are “very few tests” available across Scotland – but does not specify where.

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A woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, said Glasgow Live she had been consulting the online portal for a PCR test behind the wheel or without an appointment since 5 a.m.

The downtown resident said she was able to book a home PCR test, which will be released tomorrow, but went to check again later for her partner and there was none. available.

The results when Glasgow residents attempt to book a PCR test today.

The source, 23, said: “I started to feel bad last night, and a girl I worked with has since tested positive, so I was advised to get tested as a close contact. with her.

“I woke up and checked at 5am this morning on the website to try and book a ride or a test drive and he said they only had home kits available. I was lucky enough to get one.

“I have since checked and there is nothing available. When I entered my postcode for Glasgow he told me that there were no appointments available and that I should continue to check, both for drive-in clinics and walk-in clinics.

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“My co-worker was trying to get one from the south side and it also shows up as unavailable.

“It’s worrying because I only have three lateral flow tests left in the house, and the last time I tried to get one at the pharmacy they were completely sold out. I don’t know if I have. want to use them today in tests during the day, or save them for later in the week.

“My partner is an essential worker and he has to take the tests every day for the job, so I run the risk of using them and he is unable to test and so I don’t know what we’re going to do.”

There are also no home tests available this morning.
There are also no home tests available this morning.

By entering the details of the PCR test, whether you are asymptomatic or symptomatic, and entering a Glasgow postcode, the website says there is nothing available.

It says, “Sorry, no tests are currently available in your area, so please try again in a few hours.

“If you have symptoms, self-isolate immediately until you get your results. Do not leave the house except to mail a test kit or for a PCR test appointment.”

It is also a good idea not to call the contact center because you “will not be able to take a test this way”.

Availability on testing today.
Availability on testing today.

The website says there is no availability for home PCR testing, nor for postal lateral flow testing.

Pharmacies may have them in store.

The news comes as Scotland reports a record number of infections. The holiday season saw daily cases climb to over 8,000, the highest since the pandemic began on Boxing Day – 11,030.

Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon will address Parliament today amid the upsurge in cases.

A Scottish Government spokesperson said: ‘The PCR testing system continues to work well although we have seen a significant increase in the number of daily cases across the UK and our laboratories are processing cases as quickly as possible. If you are having trouble finding an available test slot in your area, we recommend that you try again later.

“The UK government is responsible for the capacity of the Lighthouse Lab network. Additional laboratory capacity has been implemented and we continue to work with the UK government to ensure that laboratory capacity levels across the network remain appropriate.

“It is essential that test results be communicated in a timely manner to enable appropriate public health action to be taken. We aim to communicate results from physical test sites within 48 hours. Mail-in tests may take longer to complete. process taking into account the extra time taken to post in the labs.

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