Graves Gilbert Clinic presents checks to several local organizations helping with tornado relief


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – The Graves Gilbert Clinic assisted with tornado relief efforts by presenting checks to several different local organizations in Bowling Green.

Representatives from the American Red Cross, United Way and the Kentucky International Center were all at the Graves Gilbert Clinic Family Center on Nashville Road on Wednesday afternoon and each received a cash donation from the clinic’s executive director, Chris Thorn.

Jennifer Capps, executive director of the American Red Cross, said the money she received Wednesday for her organization will go to families whose homes have suffered significant damage or have been destroyed. “This is an ongoing process that we are working on at the moment,” she said. “So the funds will be used to support these efforts. And then as we move forward, you know, it’s going to go into long term recovery based on the needs of those who have been affected. ”

United Way’s Debbie Hills said the money she received will go to help people get back on their feet. “It will take great partners like Graves Gilbert and others in the community, truly united to accomplish this,” she said. “We deployed that day and have been working on tornado recovery since then. And we made short-term efforts just to fill in the gaps that existed with special gift card needs and to get some people out of the shelter for hotels ”.

“This is a donation that will go a long way to help many refugees and immigrants who were affected by the hurricane. And that’s a huge blow in the arm in that effort, ”said Albert Mbanfu, executive director of the Kentucky International Center.

When asked why he chose the three organizations he chose, Thorn replied that one of those reasons was that they wanted the money to stay local.

“Each of these organizations was able to satisfy us with that,” Thorn said, “Second, we wanted a track record, we want to have a story, we don’t want to fly at night, you know, sometimes that money goes, goes elsewhere. Suddenly, we wanted to know that it would be done in town ”.

Thorn also added that seeing everyone helping each other after the tornado hit was bittersweet.

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