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An exhibition of photos and portraits taken the day after Typhoon Odette by Camille Robiou du Pont.

Grounded, an artist network and wellness lifestyle brand, launches the second installment of its series of exhibitions titled States of Cadence II.

In partnership with Art Fair Philippines, States of Cadence II is a multi-sensory exhibition about the timelessness and infinite evolution of the human spirit, through connection, compassion and engagement with the natural world.

Grounded is known for supporting local and emerging artists. The arts and wellbeing platform aims to present their works through a holistic approach, reimagining the experience, for both the artist and the collector, through the practice of innovative and dynamic ways that people discover and buy works of art.

While States of Cadence Exhibit I was presented only online, for States of Cadence II Grounded partnered with Karrera Showroom, a vintage car showroom and cafe based in Alabang for its physical space.

Grounded Holistic Arts Studio’s States of Cadence II Opening Night at Karrera Showroom for Art Fair Philippines 2022

The exhibition features paintings, prints, tapestries, photographs and other multimedia works that testify to the Grounded Artist Network’s ongoing artistic investigation of various shades of time interspersed with cadence – a natural rhythm, a frequency with which artists come together to truly express themselves.

Offering an intimate portrayal of boundless beauty through art, States of Cadence II features the work of 20 artists from the Grounded Artist Network program, showcasing ideas that transcend borders by introducing both specific and expanded narratives from diverse states of evolution through the prism of timelessness.

Force of Nature” for the benefit of schools on the island of Siargao affected by Typhoon Odette, with works by Camille Robiou du Pont and Caress Banson.

New acquisitions on display for the first time include photographs by star artist, French photographer, Camille Robiou Du Pont, whose work connects the wild woman’s sensory journeys through the surface of the water, the depths, the island ecology, freedom, dreams and grounding in duality – all under the umbrella of cosmic elements reveling in the beauty and prowess of the Divine Feminine.

From left to right: “Touched Out” and “Arrangement” by Toph Camcam; and “Bataan Rock Stack” and “Laguna Pink Moon” by Melissa Lara.

With this in mind, Maddie Camcam’s striking work radiates vibrant themes of feminine strength, grace and sisterhood, while Lucia Fischer also explores themes of feminism and female identity, albeit focusing on destabilizing ideas about the “masculine gaze” and gender rhetorics that have dominated cultural perceptions and traditions throughout human chronology.

Painter and illustrator Ana Abigail dedicates her floral series on fragility to loved ones lost to the pandemic, as seen in her exploration of oil color on round canvases.

Toph Camcam’s pieces invigorate the soul as a visual feast, as much as they are based on food as a celebration of humanity and a reflection of identity and culture.

From left to right: Grounded Artist Network artists, Corina Borromeo; Camille Robiou Du Pont; Nikki Ocean; Marika Manglapus, Founder of Grounded Holistic Arts Studio – Ledesma; and Anina Rubio.

This selection from the Grounded Artist Network, among many other meticulously curated works, invites the viewer to explore complex and labyrinthine systems and states of being, and the restorative role that art and compassion play within these systems. .

States of Cadence II launched in Karrera on March 23, 2022 in Karrera and will run until April 1, 2022 alongside exciting events including a wellness workshop, movie night, watch showcase and fundraiser funds for schools on the island of Siargao affected by Typhoon Odette. A portion of the proceeds from the exhibition is dedicated to Grounded’s partner beneficiary, Oceanus Conservation.

States of Cadence II is now available on the @artfairph website ( For purchase inquiries and more information, follow @groundedph or email [email protected].

Typhoon Odette Fundraiser

“On December 16, 2021, Typhoon Odette hit the Philippines and Siargao Island was one of the most devastated places, destroying homes. wanted to take the opportunity to be part of Art Fair Philippines to raise awareness and collect funds for Siargao, as it is a place Grounded has deep roots in. We have a number of artists based in Siargao, and the devastation has really hit close to home. Our featured artist for States of Cadence at the AFP, Camille Robiou du Pont took these eerily beautiful photos of the destruction of Typhoon Odette, which is the centerpiece and inspiration for the fundraiser that will be on display at the fair. – Marika Manglapus-Ledesma

In light of recent events surrounding the devastation wrought by Typhoon Odette, Grounded has partnered with Oceanus Conservation and continues its commitment to ocean defense by raising funds for the reconstruction of schools on Siargao Island. . The exhibition features Camille’s eerily striking photos of the destruction of Typhoon Odette, as well as her wood-engraved portraits by local Siargao artist Niko Kanar.



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