Hensoldt secures next phase of Eurofighter maintenance contract


Hensoldt won a Contract to continue to provide maintenance support for the Eurofighter Typhoon multirole fighter aircraft.

The three-digit million-euro contract will include service tasks covering the aircraft’s radar, avionics and self-protection systems.

Under the new contract, Hensoldt will be responsible for increasing the flight hours of the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft.

The full-service flying hours contract was arranged through the partnership of four Eurofighter core nations, including the UK, Spain, Germany and Italy.

The contract will be executed by Eurofighter’s corporate partner consortia, including Airbus SP, Airbus GE, Leonardo Aircraft Division IT and BAE Systems UK.

Once the new contract is implemented, the company will maintain around 500 aircraft from the assemblies of Eurofighter’s four main countries.

The corresponding work will be carried out at Hensoldt’s facilities in Ulm, Taufkirchen, Friedrichshafen, Neuburg and Laage.

In addition, the Neuburg and Laage sites have technical diagnostic cells, which enables technicians to carry out on-site repairs to the aircraft’s radar and self-protection system components.

Once repairs are complete, company technicians can also provide on-site troubleshooting and final recertification of assemblies for flight operations using the Radar Automated Test Equipment (RATE) system.

Developed and supported by Hensoldt, the RATE system is also used by all Eurofighter nations.

Hensoldt is part of the EuroDASS consortium and provides key elements of the aircraft’s Defensive Assistance Subsystem (DASS).

In addition, the company is responsible for providing services to Eurofighter aircraft of other nations.

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