How a typhoon halfway around the world will affect Jax



A formerly Category 4 storm south of Japan will influence weather for the First Coast and the entire southeastern United States.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — When looking at long-range forecasts, meteorologists don’t just look at what’s happening locally, but must also look at what’s happening around the world. Just like predicting the water level of a river, you not only want to know what is happening in your part of the river, but also upstream.

That’s why a typhoon, which was once in a Category 4 storm south of Japan and west of Guam last week, will also play a role in our weather later this week and eventually push temperatures up on next weekend.

The storm pushes into the Jet Stream south of Alaska this weekend, causing it to plunge. Much like someone slapping on a rope and causing waves, the storm will cause the Jet Stream to “break”, resulting in significant troughs and crests later this week.

What does this mean for the First Coast?

We will be positioned under one of the crests of these Jet Stream bends at the end of the week causing the temperatures to rise. According to the CPC 8-14 day forecast, in fact, the entire southeastern United States will experience above average temperatures.

All of this mainly thanks to a typhoon that formed earlier this week east of the Philippines.

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