Hurricane Earl bequeaths strong waves to the eastern Caribbean coast

  • The Atlantic tropics are now calm but the pumping surf is still on
  • Hurricane Earl is over, it became extratropical this weekend
  • The strongest run swell is now impacting the East Coast, towards the Caribbean
  • More surf Tuesday from the Carolinas to the Caribbean, favorable AM ​​winds
  • Swell out midweek

After holding our surf hostage all summer, the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season has unleashed a week-long wave of waves thanks to the topical tandem of Danielle and Earl. Both hurricanes are now just a memory, but that doesn’t mean the waves have faded as well. Hurricane Earl turned extratropical below the Canadian Maritimes over the weekend, then expanded and created a series of well-targeted 40-50 knot winds with heaps of long-period swell heading inshore eastern United States with the Caribbean directly in the way.

As a result, some of the strongest and largest swell in this entire tropical race is filling in right now Monday from the Outer Banks down to Florida. And it won’t be gone in a flash either. This medium to long period pulse will last another day or two, at least along the southern half of the coast and in the Caribbean – with a good morning wind and a mid-morning high tide awaiting.

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Chief Forecasting Officer Kurt Korte explains:

“Typically, the strongest winds in a hurricane are confined to a very small area around the center of the storm. In the case of Earl, the wind field widened significantly as the system gained latitude and was undergoing an extratropical transition over the weekend, so the east coast and the Caribbean will see a longer period of swell building momentum today through tomorrow, depending on your location.

“For the Outer Banks to the north, the swell has reached or will reach its maximum before noon today, so we will see a gradual easing trend this afternoon and into Tuesday and Wednesday. Swells like this can be pulsating and fluctuate in size with the tide changes, so each area will be a little different. Either way, make the most of what you see today and tomorrow, then pick up the leftovers on Wednesday .

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“Florida looks fun this morning, but we haven’t seen the strengthening ENE swell impulse yet really move. Upstream buoy data suggests it will move throughout the afternoon so look for a longer period swell to learn more about the rising tide tonight.The well angled swell continues Tuesday morning in the Treasure Coast before easing off mid week.

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“The biggest surf is heading to the Caribbean. The long period NNE swell starts moving late today, but most of it appears Tuesday night. Remarkable breaks will be very solid in the morning when the swell peaks. Spots that have been dormant for months will rumble. Expect the swell to subside mid to late week, becoming more accessible at many exposed breaks.

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