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The Carolina Hurricanes prepare to hit the ice Saturday for a game-breaking game against the Boston Bruins. The game will be a deciding factor if the Canes advance to the second round of the Stanley Cup Finals.

But, the few remaining tickets for Saturday’s game will cost the Caniacs dearly. Tickets available for the game are in nosebleed seats and will cost fans around $150.

Those who can’t see the action in person said they will have their eyes glued to the big screen in local bars.

“I can’t want to celebrate them once they win,” said fan Joey Foster.

Talking about a win is what some fans, like Foster, said they do in preparation for a do-or-die game.

“There’s just something different about Raleigh. The boys come back and we play. We play to win,” Foster said.

Daniel Cass is a self-proclaimed “super fan” of the Hurricanes. He’ll wear a custom jersey on Saturday and drive a car decked out in Hurricanes gear.

“I feel optimistic,” Cass said. “Perhaps a little cautiously optimistic.”

Cass’ love for the team began when he moved from Vermont to North Carolina in 2008.

“I was actually offered promotional tickets…I went to those games, I went to the playoff game that year and was hooked from there,” he said.

During the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs this year, the Hurricanes won every home game against the Bruins, but lost to them on the road.

Hurricanes fans said they had hope with their homecoming on Saturday.

“Having that edge for the fans really makes a difference,” Cass said.

While seats in the highest part of the arena are expensive, fans say it’s an experience worth every penny.

“It’s a community. Everybody’s loud, everybody’s having fun, everybody’s accepting, and he’s a really good fan,” sand fan Alex DeMarco said.

The final game of the series between the Hurricanes and Bruins begins at 4:30 p.m. Saturday.

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