In the United States, the director narrowly escapes the hurricane which hits the elementary school



In the United States, the principal narrowly escaped a hurricane that hit an elementary school (Photo: Reproduction/NY Post)

Michael Qualls, The principal of an elementary school in Jaxboro, Texas, USA, shortly survived a hurricane that hit the area. The moment was captured by security cameras there. In the released footage, the person is shown walking down the hallway, averting tragedy by crossing a hallway and the roof collapsing.

According to the publication New York Post, The company was devastated by winds blowing at 240km/h, destroying the football field, the roof of the school and some classrooms.

Some students and staff were inside buildings when the hurricane passed through the school. The elementary school principal said he escaped shortly after when the lights went out and debris began to fill a sidewalk.

He said in an interview that at the time I didn’t know why God chose me in this situation.

Nine people were injured and 90 homes were destroyed as a result of the hurricane, the statement said.

Students attend classes at the district high school and nearby churches because the most damaged elementary school has not reopened. school superintendent, Brad Burnet“Contractors need more time to prepare the premises for a ‘safe return’,” he said.

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