Income Tax Extension for Illinois Tornado Victims


CHICAGO – Illinois residents in counties affected by the December 10, 2021 tornadoes have been granted a one-month extension to file and pay their income taxes.

Taxpayers who live or have a business in Bond, Cass, Coles, Effingham, Fayette, Jersey, Macoupin, Madison, Menard, Montgomery, Morgan, Moultrie, Pike and Shelby counties now have until May 16 to file returns income or business. Payments. This includes 2021 personal income tax returns due on April 18, as well as various 2021 business returns normally due on March 15 and April 18.

“Residents who live or have a business in the affected area will not have to worry about incurring penalties and interest on their federal or federal tax deadlines until May, which will give them more time to gather the documents.” essential and put their own affairs in order on the rebuilding road, ”Governor JB Pritzker said on Thursday.

Affected taxpayers also have until the May 16 deadline to make estimated quarterly income tax payments due on January 18 and April 18 without incurring penalties.

In addition, no penalty will be imposed on quarterly withholding tax returns normally due on January 31 and May 2, 2022, provided they are filed before the May 16 deadline, or on late withholding tax payments to the source due between December 10. and December 26, provided the required payments have been made by December 27, 2021.

If you are filing a return by post, taxpayers should write “Tornado-December 2021” at the top of their return in red. In the case of electronic filing, taxpayers should notify the ministry that their return will be delayed by sending an email to [email protected] They should provide their full name, account number (if using a Social Security number, include only the last four digits), your mailing address, and an estimate of when they think they can file or pay their taxes.

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