Inside the Ring Road: How to Create a Red Tsunami


Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has a lot of institutional knowledge about the Grand Old Party. He also has some helpful recommendations for Republicans now visualizing a landslide victory in the midterm elections.

“An American tidal wave is coming on the basis of major nationalized congressional campaigns. The American people will reject high inflation, fuel prices and food prices. They will reject the uncontrolled border and skyrocketing murder rates (which are up 37% in New York and 34% in Chicago). And they’re sick of the relentless value assault on America’s race, sexuality and nature,” Gingrich predicted in a Fox News essay published Sunday.

“If this great election tsunami is to materialize into what could be the worst repudiation of the Democratic Party since 1920, Republicans need to understand two things: One, this is an American majority – not a Republican majority or “a conservative majority. Americans of all ethnic and partisan backgrounds come together to reject the unbearable pain for their families, their communities, and our free society,” Gingrich wrote.

“Second, the tsunamis are the result of a grand election strategy – not an attempt to add up a whole series of small elections. Republicans must learn to talk about a new American majority – not a Republican majority “They have to plan, think and act for the American majority. That requires listening to and learning from a lot of people who haven’t historically been part of the Republican Party,” he said.

“The great electoral campaign must propose credible and achievable solutions. The American people are frustrated and hurt. They want a movement dedicated to solving practical, achievable problems that will improve their lives. They are tired of partisan politics. The new American majority will grow by performing better than the Big Government Socialist-Woke Left coalition,” Gingrich noted.

“Be very careful of this: Irrelevant and insignificant noise and niche issues are the enemies of majority growth. Clarity, consistency and firmness of purpose are the keys to attracting, educating and holding together a new American majority,” Gingrich concluded.


“Democrats have consistently hijacked good popular issues – then tied their taxation and corporate welfare spending for their allies to those issues,” advised Saul Anuzisformer chairman of the Michigan Republican Party and president of the 60 Plus Association.

“The Democrats’ inflationary policies include more spending, more taxes, draconian regulation and the Green New Deal. The pressure to raise oil and gas prices weighs on every American family,” Mr. Anuzis said in a written statement, adding that the “madness” around the planet amplifies that burden.

“When you pile up bad and ill-conceived Democratic policies on top of various crises around the world – they include the Russian invasion of Ukraine, supply chain issues, geopolitical gas supply games from Russia , currency manipulation, Russia’s attack on food supplies and uncertainty in the global market – you have a recipe for disaster. Elections have consequences and Democrats have proven that their policies and biases are bad for America,” he advised.


Well, the highly publicized and rambunctious gathering of conservatives attending CPAC Texas is over. It is, however, subject to a typical interpretation by the press in the aftermath – motivated in part by the presence of the former president donald trumpkeynote speaker role. A few headlines to note from the last 24 hours:

“CPAC features fake jail cell with January 6 rioter pretending to cry” (CNN); “’Fight the Barbarians’: the MAGA movement charts a path of war at CPAC” (Rolling Stone); “Trump’s grip on militant GOP class exposed at Texas conclave” (Politico); “Trump Names CPAC Presidential Poll Straw” (New York Post); “Trump returns to CPAC as question swirls over 2024 race” (Yahoo News); “Christian Nationalism at CPAC” (NPR); “Key Moments in Donald Trump’s CPAC Speech, Critic Calls It ‘Scary’” (Newsweek); and “Texas Republicans Rally Base to CPAC, But Draw Criticism Over Hungarian Prime Minister’s Appearance” (Texas Tribune).


“Superhero Fatigue.”

This newly minted phrase comes from Morning Consult, which conducted a poll to gauge public opinion on superhero movies.

“Many of Marvel Studios’ latest films, including ‘Thor: Love and Thunder,’ have been disappointing at the box office. While the coronavirus pandemic and increased streaming options have certainly been factors, the slump may have stemmed in part from a tangible increase in superhero fatigue among moviegoers,” the news agency said in an analysis.

“New data from Morning Consult shows that enjoyment of the seemingly endless stream of superhero content continues to decline among American adults — and even among self-identified Marvel fans,” the analysis reads.

And some numbers: 41% of American adults say they dislike superhero movies in a July 30-31 survey of 2,200 American adults, compared to 36% in an identical poll conducted November 19-21, also with 2,200 adults. Meanwhile, 59% still enjoy movies, down from 64% in the previous poll.


• 69% of American adults disapprove of the way President Biden manages inflation.

• 65% disapprove of the way he handles gas prices.

• 64% disapprove of his handling of gun violence.

• 64% disapprove of the way it handles immigration.

• 62% disapprove of the way he is handling the country’s economic recovery.

• 61% disapprove of the way he handles taxes.

• 61% disapprove of his handling of crime.

• 58% disapprove of the way he deals with the issue of abortion.

• 56% disapprove of its way of dealing with climate change.

• 55% disapprove of the way he is handling the Russia/Ukraine situation.

• 44% disapprove of how he is handling the coronavirus response.

SOURCE: An ABC News/Ipsos poll of 685 American adults conducted August 5-6.

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