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MAYFIELD, Ky. (KWWL) While most Iowa residents have enjoyed the vacation home, a number of them have vacationed in Kentucky, contributing to this massive tornado clean-up effort from the 10 December.

Tornadoes killed 77 people and caused damage approaching $ 3 billion in Kentucky alone. It was on the ground for some 163 miles, as tornadoes moved that day across 9 states.

Jason Taylor, executive director of the Iowa City nonprofit Bur Oak Land Trust, helps with the cleanup and salvage.

Taylor says,

“We have a lot of experience with operating the chainsaw. Making sure we can safely fell trees. Making sure we can cut trees to the ground. This experience, this expertise allows us to participate in disasters quite effectively. know how to do these things.

Over the past few days, the famous Bur Oak Land Trust nonprofit in the city of Iowa has partnered up with the national team nonprofit Team Rubicon in Mayfield, Ky. Mayfield has been one of the hardest hit areas.

Jason Taylor says he joined AmeriCorps local volunteers Hannah Davey and Natalie Schoen. He says they put their chainsaw experience to good use in Operation Unbridled Spirit.

“The tornadoes have been on the ground for a lot longer, so the expanses of destruction are very wide. In some areas, it’s just complete destruction. You don’t even see the foundations of the houses, so all the goods that these people have disappeared, they have nothing left.

Bur Oak is always looking for additional volunteers. Contact Jason Taylor at 319-338-7030 for more information, or on the Bur Oak website,

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